Investigation and Surveillance Services

Observing and documenting through the use of video tape and other documentary evidence can play a major role in the investigation of insurance fraud, theft and matrimonial issues. We believe that competent, well planned, and well executed surveillance is vital when gathering evidence during an investigation, especially when a court proceeding is required.

To ensure this, all our highly trained and experienced operatives use state of the art surveillance equipment to assist during any situation.

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SOS offers a range of investigatory services for Insurance and Corporate and Private Clients to assist in the resolution and settlement of cases including:

Defendant personal injury
Fraud detection
Loss prevention
Environmental Issues (Fly tipping)
Housing association
Local authority work.

In order to resolve these cases SOS is able to provide the following services:

  • Risk analysis.
  • Covert / Overt Surveillance.
  • Perimeter Surveillance
  • Undercover Operatives (work placements as employees)
  • Tracking Devices and Systems.
  • T.S.C.M - Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (Bug Sweeps).
  • Counter-Surveillance
  • Procurement, sighting and fitting of CCTV systems.
  • Infidelity, Pre-Marital & Matrimonial Checks