Security Services

As members of the Security Industry we are committed to inspiring confidence, respect and trust in the client and public. We can provide specialised protection and Venue security services to our clients nationally and internationally. We create and maintain a context in which our clients can conduct their business free of harassment, threat or embarrassment. We are always sensitive to our client's image and needs. Our service includes both close protection and counter surveillance elements, for total peace of mind for our clients.

Should you decide to place yourself, or any of your associates in our protection, you can do so knowing that we are experienced, trustworthy, and capable.

Our Close Protection Officers (CPO's):

  • Have undergone a comprehensive background check
  • Are weapons trained
  • Many years experience
  • Are available to you anywhere in the world

SOS offers a range of security services including:

  • Personal protection (bodyguard)
  • Corporate and Private events
  • Residential protection
  • Asset protection
  • Consultancy
  • Risk assessment
  • Chauffeuring